Jolana Star VII

Futurama/Star family:

Resonet Gracioso (Futurama)
1959-62 Star III (Futurama III)
post-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Jolana Star V

Don't know how old it is, but it is in reasonable state and even playable, if you work hard. The silly pointer knob gives you bridge-, neck- or both coils at the same time. The first posistion is in my opinion the two coils out of phase, which generates a real 60's sound. Thin but still loud. Remarkable is the lower strapbutton. If screwed out it turns into a screwdriver, to experiment with the sliders on the coils, or whatever you need a screwdriver for.
Hope you like the pics, they're quit good I think.

Rob de Fries, Bluestrainfm.
The Netherlands

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