Jolana Strat

Production of Jolana Strat started in 1988, 2 HB pickups, maple neck, relatively playable guitar. This is one of the last Jolana models, made during the late 80's when the company produced clones of famous Fender and Gibson models rather than original designs.

Fender officially introduced 2-HB stratocaster only by the end of 90's, so even here Jolana was ahead of the time - as usual.

The Strat sounds very thin and stingy - despite the humbuckers. Jolana bridge has some bug in the construction because it breaks strings constantly. During the mid- 90's my band was usually playing gigs with another band where the lead singer played Jolana Strat. I was playing bass and our guitar player used Gibson LP M3. Every singe gig we went through the same scenario: their singer was breaking a string on his Strat during the first (rarely second) song and then borrowing our Les Paul till the end of their set. I still don't know if he did that on purpose or not.

Jan Vsiansky

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