Jolana RK120

The last Jolanas made in Krnov at the late 80's and in the beginning of the 90's were RK. RK bass copied Stuart Spector bass, and RK guitars were some sort of a "super strat" thing with Floyd Rose, a typical 80's instrument. RK series included RK120 with three single coil pickups and RK140 with humbucker in bridge position (add +20 for the humbucking pickup, dude!). Just to mention, late Jolana production also included Jolana Strat model with the "traditional" Strat layout.

RK-120's body is heavy and massive, neck has an ebody fretboard and the Floyd Rose is made by Schaller. Ironically, Resonet Gracioso, the first model of the Resonet factory (later renamed Jolana) in 1954 was a Strat upgrade. The circle was closed by a couple of low-quality stratocaster clones in the early 90's.

Another body closeup

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