Jolana Diamant electric guitar, made in Czechoslovakia

There were a couple of different modifications of Diamant. We'll mention just a few of them.
Brand: Jolana, made in Horovice, Czechoslovakia
Pickups: two HB. There were at least two types of them: soapbars with closed pole pieces (shown) and opened - with no covers. Sometimes there's a "Spectrum" logo on them.
Controls: two volume, two tone, 3-way switch. A rare modification used a chickenhead switch instead of the regular Gibson-style one. Knobs were usually transparent, sort of LP custom design.
Hardware: chrome
Neck: bolt-on (yes!), 22 frets, trapezoid inlay.
Binding: body (both face and back), neck. The binding is made with a sort of creme - white plastic, although its color is still not creamy enough to match Gibson.
Bridge: tune-o-matic/stop bar. Tune-o-matic is somehow modified and features a 3D adjustment option for each string. Stop-bar is bigger than a standard LP.
Tuners: Jolana standard. It is used on almost all the Jolana guitars - oval heads and oval back covers.
Materials: maple neck, unidentified body woods
Finishes: black, red, sunburst (rare).
A couple of "modifications" : pickguard is screwed to the body, and the lower strap button can be screwed out and it reveals a screwdriver. wow.

Jolana Diamant
Jolana Diamant is a copy of Gibson Les Paul. Altough it's bad, it's still good enough to kick all the other cheesy axes' butt - it can be called 'playable'. There's a sort of Gibson custom shop "diamond" inlay on the headstock, Jolana usually don't put their logo there. If you want, you can write "Gibson" up there and get a "custom shop" LP copy for $50 (some 90% of all Diamants are black, so it might actually look like so-called "Black beauty" - Gibson custom shop LP; the guitar pictured here features somewhat rare sunburst finish).
Diamant is one of the most popular 70's Jolana guitars and probably the best of them. It's not as heavy as Les Paul custom, but it stll weights more than a Strat.
Jolana tuners (don't even dream about staying tuned with those), two humbuckers - I've seen a couple of different types, all Jolana-made.
The controls are the same as on LP. Jolana version of the tune-o-matic bridge that tends to break strings. Chrome hardware, bolt-on neck. The sound is not as poor as on the other Jolanas, maybe thanks to the classic LP construction. The guitar really likes to feed back, unlike Gibsons. The action on guitars I've played was low and it was really playable (!). All the electronics are real crap, but I knew people who replaced it with something better and used their Diamants live and in the studio.

Approx. price: not more than $100.

Jolana Diamant electric guitar.

Studio 1525 (USA)
Amit, Israel

This is a part of a very nice article about Czech guitars stolen from here

In the beggining of seventies nearly all the [Jolana] manufacture moved to town Horovice and this step led in a short time to fall of quality down to the bottom. They introduced some new models which were all Fender and Gibson clones in a terrible quality, the only one which was good enough to play after weeks of luthiers work was Diamant - Les Paul body shape guitar with four bolt-on-neck and similar Les Paul controls etc.
Diamant had two very ugly humbuckings which were ready to be replaced, bodies were from different woods, the maple neck with amoniaed beech bound fingerboard was ugly too. Diamand was the last remarkable electric made in Czech Republic, from the eighties there were some Stratozoids and Jazzbassoids but nothing to be played if not looking for altarnative sound and having well injured hands.

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