Jolana Marina

Marina production started at Hradec Cralove in 1961-62. It followed Jolana Neoton, the first Jolana hollowbody. In comparsion with Neoton, Marina featured deeper body, a new vibrato unit and upgraded electronics. Marina was manufactured together with Basora bass - its' four-string brother.

This guitar was spotted on ebay.com with $600 Buy it now - whoa! Way too much (noone was brave enough to bid on this auction). Here are a couple of words from the seller -
This is really one great sounding guitar that sounds like nothing else out there today. The guitar features two hot single coil almost p-90 style pickups that sound like no other pickup I have ever heard. The tremelo & bridge unit are incredibly well constructed. The guitar features very unique controls that allow you to have a wide variety of pickup and sound configurations (Even out-of-phase! ala T-Bone Walker).

ebay.com seller: jankety

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