Jolana Pedro

6-string solidbody bass guitar Pedro has been produced at the same time as Basso IV (1960-1965) at Hradec Kralove factory. Just like Danelectro six-string bass and a later Fender bass IV it was tuned EBGDAE - one octave lower than guitar. Pedro's neck was too small to handle six bass strings.

Colors: red, w/epoxy varnish (as cars)
Body : alder
Neck+fingerboard : maple
Machine heads : insufficient for bass string , same as solo guitar
No. of frets : 21
Pickups : 2 single-coils
Controls : Volume, Tone
Pickup Sw. : 3-position Toggle:
Position 1. - Bridge Pickup
Position 2. - Bridge and Neck Pickup
Position 3. - Neck Pickup
Scale Lenght : 772mm
weight : 2.99 Kg
Width at nut : 46mm

current price (in Czech) $150-200 (scarcity)

Guitar collector Jira Jaromir, Czech.

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