Jolana Kolorbas

By the end of 1972 Jolana plants in Hradec Kralove and Horovice started production of two new models, which were Rubin and Kolor guitars ans basses. They used exactly the same semihollow bodies on guitar and bass, only the neck and the hardware were different to accomodate diffetent scales and other details. The bridge was a new simplified design, with independent saddles for each string. The only difference between Kolor and Rubin models seem to be the headstock - while Kolor had all tuners on a side, Rubin had a symmetrical 3+3 (guitar) or 2+2 (bass) arrangement.

The name suggests some colours, and here it is - a shocking blue finish. Kolor basses were finished in different colors of the rainbow, with painted headstocks, necks and virtually everything. No sunbursts.

What is escpecially cool about this particular bass is the fact that the strings' ends are also blue (see the closeups).

Studio 1525 (the ebay seller)
[as far as we know, this is the only source frequently selling Cheesy guitars in USA]
Jaroslav Hol?sek, Czech Republic.

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