Jolana Diskant electric guitar

Hi Guys,

Just thought I would send you a picture of one of my Jolana guitars. I have a couple of different models both very early Diskants I believe. This one I was given about twenty years ago and it lay in the attic of my house up until a few years ago when I restored it to its present glory. Due to the fact it had been painted purple by someone with a warped sense of humour and a paint brush I never knew what it was until long after I had refinished it and fitted a DeMazio PAF Classic pickup to it and a couple of pots. It originally had a floating pickup mounted on the scratch plate along with the controls, the wiring went down through the sound hole to a socket mounted in the body.

The sounds that this old thing can produce are nothing short of fantastic with just the one pickup centre mounted as you can see. I find the neck and action very pleasant to play and use this instrumant on a regular basis at various gigs. It never fails to draw comment from other musicians and I am yet to find one with a negative comment about the sound produced or playability of a supposed unplayable guitar. It has a very distinct and warm "Big Gibson" sound that is quite often sort after by many guitarists of my ilk.

This particular instument has been valued by two independant and reputable guitar manufactures and retailers and both agree that the instrument in its present state is worth well in excess of $2000.00 AUD. I have since located and puchased an even older version of Diskant, it has a thinline body and twin pickups and is in very original condition. I am in the process of restoring it at present. The only thing I will change is the pickups and once again I will be fitting PAF Classics, I am looking forward to playing it in the near future.

These guitars are almost unheard of in Australia and as far as I am aware I own the only two in N.S.W. I also have among my collection a Fender Strat and Gretch Chet Atkins Tennessean,both 1968 models in along with several Yairi Classicals of that vintage and a couple of custom built locally manufactured instruments.In the past 30 years or so I have played many different guitars along with the Gretch and the Strat in a number of bands and I can only say that the old Jolana is just as good in every respect,Maybe I am very easily pleased or it could be that I don't know a thing about a good guitar, MAYBE.

Dave Brown
(Rhythm Guitarist SWINGSHIFT)

Jolana Diskant was made since 1961 at Hradec Kralove.

This is the "reborn" Diskant from Australia, which belongs to Dave Brown.

This almost stock 61-62 Diskant belongs to
Ivan alias Lordbizarre

Lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum
Rock!electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe

What would we do without ebay! This nice and stock guitar was on sale in 2005 for $370 buy it now. The six-digit serial number 060808 (on the headstock) is typical to the 60's. Pay attention to the bridge construction - string saddles may be set into four different slots to adjust the string length.

ebay seller: g.mu6

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