Jolana Disco electric guitar

Jolana Disco was manufactured in Krnov during the 80-s together with Disco bass. Usually guitar-bass pairs have similar construction, but in Disco case they are totally different.

A couple of words from the guitar's owner #1:
Gibson SG like solid body, one humbucker in a middle position. You'll laugh i play it. The sound is rather clean and glassy.

A couple of words from the guitar's owner #2:
I bought this one today in a bright orange colour the headstock reads Disco Jolana, and I couldn't find it on your site so here some pictures for you. This one is going out as fast as possible because it's a real ugly one, mostly due to the colour, i don't like orange, but for 30 euro i couldn't resist it. I needed to shim the neck and now the playabillity is reasonable but the square frets are terrible, I like the rounded heel that's a thing you don't see often on a cheapo.

Yevgeniy Tamarchenko, Moscow.
Wietse - http://wietsesguitars.nl

This Jolana Disco guitar belongs to Eugenio Quintana and he lives in Nicaragua. By now this is the only email we've got from this country. It was a part of the communist camp back in the communist days and that's the reason Czechoslovakian instrument travelled that far. No electric guitars were made in Nicaragua so the only thing they could sell were guitars from the communist Europe. Musima, Defil and Hora could also be sold in Nicaragua but Soviet guitars were not made for export.

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