Jolana Star

Futurama/Star family:

Resonet Gracioso (Futurama)
1959-62 Star III (Futurama III)
post-1963 Star III (Futurama III)
Jolana Star VII

In 1959 the Czech guitar production was transferred to Hradec Kralove, and became a part of CSHN - Czechoslovak Music Instruments company (instead of Drevokov cooperative). The production at Blatne came to a halt. "Resonet" brand no longer existed, and a new production team (under the same management of mr. Joseph Ruzicka) designed a completely new solidbody guitar. It was called Star I. The export version of this instrument was labeled Futurama II - probably in attempt to follow the success of the Futurama, but it was a completely different guitar.

Star I was almost twice cheaper than Star III - a Resonet Gracioso/Futurama model made at the new place under the new name and with a couple of upgraded features, s.a. "rosewood" fingerboard (25 guineas against 45 guineas for Futurama III). It had only two single coil pickups with adjustable polepieces, two volumes and one master tone knobs, the neck was maple and the headstock had all the tuners on one side. The tremolo had a simplified construction, without an "ashtray" cover - as catalogue says, "the bridge is exposed for damping".

Regarding the way Jolana made bolt-on and glued neck's...
See pictures with a Star bolted and glued neck: the similarity with the Futurama on Futurama Story site. It also seems that all Stars (I ...VII) had a plastic cover over the tuners.

Ivan alias Lordbizarre
"lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
Rock! electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe
information is taken from the "Futurama guitar story located" here.

This Star comes with the original Jolana soft case.

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