Jolana Chord

A rare lapsteel guitar by Jolana. The model is not mentioned in other resources and articles about Jolana. The "documented" Jolana lapsteels include Resonet Akord - 1954 and Resonet Arioso - 1955. Both were actually produced at Resonet factory in Blatne under the management of Mr. Josef Ruzicka. Back then, Resonet was a part of Drevokov cooperative but in 1959 guitar production was transferred to Hradec Kralove, and became a part of CSHN - Czechoslovak Music Instruments company (instead of Drevokov). The production at Blatne came to a halt. That was the time Josef Ruzicka named the factory Jolana - after his daughter. Our lapsteel bears Jolana name which means it was produced after 1959. Unfortunately, the Tesla potentiometers have no dates on them, the hardware and the pickups are in early 60's Jolana style so the guitar was most probably produced between 1959 and 1963.

Jolana Chord together with '1955 Resonet Arioso (and Lilo - the Hawaian girl!).

Ivan alias Lordbizarre -

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