Jolana Jantar bass

Jantar guitar and bass were made at Horovice in the end of 80's. They were the last "pair" in Jolana history, and since then there were no matching guitar-bass couples with similar body outline.

The bass has a bolt-on neck; body is made out off beach-blocks (glued together). It has the same pu's as used on the D-Bass and the RK-Bass, with three pots: a volume for each pu and a common tone and huge transparent (2 cm height) knobs. Both pu's can be selected separately or together by a toggle switch.

The finish is three color sunburst, neck & head are painted too. Tuners seem to be trustfull. No quotes on playabillity (I'm not a bass player), but after testing it it seems to be ok: enough output and feels good in my hands. The bottom of the body seems to be borrowed from Alembic designs - or a leftover cut-out from a Gibson open book headstock. The bass bears a 1057 serial number on the neck. As far as we know, Jolana serials say nothing about production dates, these are codes that relate to necks only.

Ivan alias Lordbizarre
"lordbizarre's electric guitar and amp museum"
Rock! electric guitar and amplifier repair
Leuven, Belgium, Europe.

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