Jolana Vikomt bass

Jolana Vikomt is a single-pickup relative of Jolana Iris. Both Vikomt and Iris exist in guitar and bass versions. Here's a couple of words from the instrument's owner:

Few days ago I bought Jolana Vikomt Bass. Serial number is 0149, very worn instrument but still much playable. I cleaned fingerboard, set very low string action. It sounds warm, the pitch is near perfect.
All electronics, screws, mechanical parts (except tuners) are original.
Neck is maple with (rosewood?) fingerboard.
Finish is original too (orange);
DC pickup resistance is 9,00Kohm.

Andrzej Kandiak
Grudziądz, Poland

Jolana Vikomt guitar
Jolana Iris guitar
Jolana Iris bass

Another Jolana Vikomt, this time modified. The owner says he bought it for 25 Euro and used it because he had no other instrument.

Credits: Serega (pictured).

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