Tonika family:
Hail the Russian Telecaster! - Tonika was the first Soviet mass produced solidbody electric guitar.

Leningrad Tonika
Rostov Tonika EGS-650
Ordjonikidze Tonika EGS-650
Ural Tonika EGS-650
Bass Tonika (Rostov)

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Lvov Ritm
Orfeus Telecaster
Orfeus Rocket
Orfeus Plovdiv
Defil bass

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Hello and welcome to the Cheesy Guitars!

This site is dedicated to vintage instruments made in Europe and Soviet Union during the "communist" years. The first reason we've made this site is that there's no information about these guitars, no pictures and no reviews. But they exist, and they definitely worth checking out.
The other reason is that we love them. Too many of us started our carreer with those cheesy axes.
Currently our site is one of the largest internet resources dedicated to guitar production behind the Iron Curtain. You can already find most of the popular Czechoslovakian, Soviet, Polish and DDR instruments here. We hope to expand this list and cover all the brands ever existed under communist rule, but that's not an easy task. That's why we need your help.

Jamie Chivers

A great loss for all of us - Jamie Chivers passed away on 4th of March, 2009.

Do you own one of those monsters?
If you do, contact us, send us pictures of your guitar, and we will put it on our site.

Still unidentified:
Recently identified:
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CheesyGuitars website is looking for an admin who can help us taking care of the site, moderating the forum and updating the guitar database from time to time. The basic requirements are: HTML knowlege, a little free time and lots of LOVE to these cheesy instruments. If you feel this call is for you, contact us, and we'll figure something out.
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Forum and Facebook

The forum is currently not functioning, you can use Cheesyguitars group on facebook to discuss stuff if you wish.

USSR secret investigations

The listing of Soviet guitars was finally organized and several unknown instruments were identified. See the new article on guitar production in USSR which reviews all the known factories and gives a historical perspective of what had happened there.

Hungarian guitars

Thanks to Sandor Berger and Morula from Hungary - as well to Ivan alias Lordbizarre from Belgium - CG now features a Hungarian section as well. Hungarian guitars are quite rare, they were made at Szegedi Hangszergyár (Instrument Factory of Szeged) in the 60's. Check out Moni Solo, Moni Bassus and Regina guitars.

Updates' list

It was a bit hard to track all the changes and updates on CG, so here's the brand new updates' list. The list features updates made after December 2007.

December 2007: 250+ guitars

CG is proud to host information on more than 250 unique guitars and basses made behind the Iron Curtain in 1955-1990. Although it looks like a very small quantity - compared to Japanese or American production - it's more than half of everything made by communists. Our approximation is that the Eastern block countries designed not more than 400-500 electric guitars/basses in some- 40 years.

1973 Musima catalogue:

A super-welkom addition to the site is the 1973 Musima catalogue. It shows all of their electric guitar and bass models alailable during the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' era + specifications.

Jolana serials

In an attempt to decode the mysterious Czechoslovakian serial numbers a list of Jolana serials was compiled. If you enjoyed D. Brown's Da Vinci Code you might like it. And by the way, if you have Jolana serials - send them to CG and they'll be added to the table.

Defil guitars

Important update on Polish guitars - Electric guitars and basses from Poland article written by LordBizarre. Parental advisory!

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by Big Beat - the man who invented the "Cheesyguitars" name!
an online museum of Lordbizarre - collector from Leuven, Belgium.

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