Musima Elektrina III

This guitar was identified by Jazzgitarre on the Museum-Markneukirchen forum as Musima Elektrina III. The guitar appears in 1961 Musima catalogue.

The pick up covers say MUSIMA. One of the metal parts is stamped 'East German', it had a weird jack socket and was bought from a shop in Wrexham. I had to take the neck off to fit it in the car to get it home, as the car (an A35) was very full, and the guitar had to go in the boot.

The machine heads were shot, and the sunburst finish has faded, only the shadow of the original vibrato tailpiece remains. I have a Gretsch bridge on it at the moment. One of the pick up covers was missing, so I had to model by making a mould and using two part epoxy - it worked out OK. I don't really understand the control layout. there is a volume, a pickup selector and something which makes the sound tinny at both ends and dull in the middle. One knob is not original. Do you have a spare?!!

The guitar plays really well, and sounds great on one setting. It is a very odd shape and has a little hook for a strap like a saxophone.

I love it!

Can you tell me more? I recently found a picture of one being used by a Liverpool group about 1961 in a book by Pete Best. I think the group were called the Comets.

The amp is my refinished Watkins Dominator.

Matt Armstrong

Another Elektrina III, courtsey of Noel from Belgium.

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