Musima Eterna 25

Eterna 25 is the most complicated instrument of the whole "25" series. It has three single-coil pickups, body shape is Jazzmaster/Jaguar variation (just like Musima Deluxe 25), and the fingerboard, which is beech on all Musimas, is now painted black - to imitate ebony.

Scale: 640 mm
Body: plywood
Neck: beech, three-piece, with painted beech fingerboard (imitation of ebony), very small frets, zero fret, plastic inlays
Nut: white plastic
Binding: neck, headstock
Pickups: three single-coils
Controls: 3-possition switch switching between neck and bridge pickups; 3 jaguar/mustang - style mini switches, one in the middle activises alternative circut (banjo-like sound), two others choose bridge/middle or neck/middle combinations. Three tone knobs - for each pickup, and two volumes - one for regular sound, one for the alternative (banjo) circut (all - Tesla potentiometers).
Bridge: Original Musima tremolo construction
Tuners: 6 opened Musima tuners in a row (very bad quality)

partly stolen from guitars.ru

Musima 25 series:

Musima Deluxe 25k
Musima Deluxe 25
Musima Deluxe 25B bass
Musima Eterna 25

Musima Eterna 25

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