Musima Record electric guitar

musima record
1969 Musima Record

Falk Schoß, Germany

Record was the top of Musima's semihollow line for many years, and it was referred to as "beste meisterarbeit" in the catalogues. It fetaured hand-carved pine top and ebony fretboard, while other semihollow Musimas usually had laminated tops and rosewood fretboards. The available colors were only natural or sunburst (both shown) with natural being the more rare.

On the picture with black background you can see a rare modification with one single coil pickup in the neck position and blonde finish, but usually it looks like the one on the left, which is a 1969 Musima Record. There's a "Musima" logo on the pickguard and "Record" logo on the headstock.

Here are the 69 model's specifications in German:
Musima Record 1969
Hals: Riegelahorn, Griffbrett Palisander oder Ebenholz(?), geschraubt, 21 Bünde, Perlmutteinlagen, Halsdicke: 28,2 (!) mm (12.Bd.), Mensur: 64 cm, Griffbrettradius 9,5" Korpus: Decke und Boden gewölbt, massive Fichtendecke, Zargen und Boden Riegelahorn Hals, Korpus und Kopfplatte mehrlagige Bindings Pickups: Singlecoil Gewicht: 3,6 kg Modifizierungen: Kondensator des Hals-PU's entfernt Bemerkungen: sehr guter Originalzustand

Specifications (now in English):
64 cm
Neck: glued, 21 frets, ebony fingerboard, 9.5" radius
binding: body (both sides), neck, headstock
body: semi-hollow, hand-carved pine top, maple back
pickups: two single coils
Weight: 3.6 kg

...... Musima Record

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