Musima 1655HV semihollow electric guitar

1655HV is a semihollow electric guitar made in the 60's and 70's in DDR. Top and bottom are laminated maple, deliberately arched, rosewood neck. Body, neck and f-holes are binded. Two Musima pickups are mounted directly on the guitar top but there are adjustable magnetic screws that may be unscrewed to get closer to the strings. Switch: rhythm, solo, banjo and Shearing effect. Master effects control and Rhythm control.

The 1655 family included 1655HV, 1655H (no vibrato) and 1655HB bass. The guitar pictured with AC30 is probably the earlier version of 1655 and the other guitar (with yellow stickers) is made in the 70's. It is possible that the guitar with stickers is 1655H (no tremolo), although majority of 1655HV's lost their arms long time ago.

Pictures of these guitars came from ebay.de - The one with the bridge pickup shifted towards the neck is definitely modified in all sorts of ways, but the vibrato arm is original. Just look at that length!

Big Beat - JunkGuitars.com

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