Musima Elektra Deluxe, made in DDR
Muisma Elektra Deluxe and Musima Elektra Deluxe V, were made in DDR during the 70-s. Deluxe V features vibrato while Deluxe has a stoptail bridge.

Here's the owner's story:

I don't know if my guitar is considered a cheesy guitar since it is very playable and not that bad at all. But I've seen other Musima guitars on your site that look better than mine. I don't have much information about the guitar. It was given to me by my father who bought it in a cheap guitar shop many years ago. It is pretty similar to the Eterna but it has only two single coil pickups and no tremolo unit. The pickup switch and the knobs are quite different too. Although it seems to be black in color it is actually dark green.
musima_elektra_deluxe musima_elektra_deluxe musima_elektra_deluxe

Ju? Premrov
from Slovenia

Original green finish is pretty rare, most of Musimas are either black or sunburst. Green as well as red finishes are found on several 70's solidbodies, s.a. Elektra Deluxe, Elektra Deluxe V, Elgita, I/2, V/2 and Eterna.

The green guitar seem to be almost all original, including the bridge cover which is usually lost, but closer inspectation reveals several non stock details. The tuners' bushings are missing for some reason. The pickguard seem to be non original, although it looks well made.

Elektra Deluxe's body is made from a multi-piece core of solid European alder with 2 mm maple veneers on the top and back, construction virtually identical to that of guitar bodies built by the two largest US manufacturers in the 60's: Harmony and Kay.

Thanks to
Jamie Chivers,

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