Estradin phaser, made in USSR

Estradin phaser, a Soviet stompbox. Control knobs include frequency, balance and brightness. The red knob on the right is effect on/off footswitch. Next to the "frequency" knob there's a led which flashes accordingly to the dialed frequency. The controls' arrangement slightly reminds of Electro-Harmonics, but the design is definitely original. The back panel features input, dry and wet outputs, 160mA fuse, a mystical "shift" switch and even a ground jack: Soviet sockets had no grounding so this was an extra option to get rid of noise - just stick a wire into the ground socket and connect its' second end to... hmmm, I don't really know but central heating was usually the most poular grounding terminal.

Body made of metal, Body size - 190mm x 145mm x 55mm.
Power AC-220v.
Price - 90 roubles
Dated October 1990

John, ruskeys.net
Ebay seller: collectibles_ua

estradin phaser

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