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Weiss und Engel Manifesto no. 1

Saluto, Camerado!
We are Weiss und Engel - a psycho-acoustic duo, standing in the very beginningo of an exciting researcho. Our aimo is to define and categorize the slightest changes in human moodo and physical state, which certain soundso and frequencieso can impose. Today's appearance is the first stage of the researcho - we will testo our earlier inductive hypotheses, play with measurements and intensity of the soundso.
Any psycho-acoustic researcho starts with outside observations - and this is what we're doing at this pointo. It's actually you - the LISTENERO, and not us, who is in the spotlight tonight. All your reactions are being videotaped and photographed. Please be openo and sincereo, let your emotions burst out, speak freely of your bodily needs - we need this feedback to move on. Leave us a message, tell us if we can get backo to you, tell us what you feelo. For us your feelings are of the highest value. For it you are U.S.! For us - you are IT!!!

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