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June 2012: Surprisingly, WE've decided to play another concert, it's been only 10 years since our last live appearance so it's time to refresh things.

Winter 2004-2005: A single "Shalom Haver" from our upcoming release will probably be released in Israel. More details later.

May 2004 : Our first release is ready to go!
Weiss und Engel - Goodboyfriend LP is now completed. The last delay happened because of the name change, and it took us about 2 years to finish this project.

April 2004: A name change!
Yes, from now on Gnoy and Salo is not Gnoy and Salo, it's Weiss und Engel. Why? Well, Vladimir Sorokin started bugging us with copyright warnings, and, before things got really serious we decided not to have a trial with him.

12.06.2003 : Performance - In a box.
The exibition of young artists took place at Teddy Bear stadium, and GS were invited to play. Unfortunately, the organizers of the exhibition were partly the same people who invited GS to the "Birds' art" exhibition a year before. There was already a lot of tention. At the beginning they didn't like the color of the curtain GS were planning to hang to play behind it. Then they decided they don't want GS at the exhibition space and urged them to set something outside the gallery. Then they decided they will put another music. Then they didn't want to put a real band's name and published something completely different instead of GS. At the end they wanted GS to play inside, but quiet, with another music at the background and with different decorations. It still was a big surprise for them when GS said they won't play.

5.2.2002 : Shalom, Haver performance at Rosa club
GS played live at Rosa club, Jerusalem. It was the longest performance in the GS history - about 1 hour and 15 minutes. It even payed off - GS received 130 NIS, which is 65 NIS per GNOY and 65 NIS per SALO (about $15).
Friends said it was a good show. Unfortunately, when Gnoy and Salo were loading their stuff on Gnoy's Peugeot to drive to Rosa, they forgot the Termenvox at the street near the rehearsal point. Termenvox was the legendary musical instrument with incredible sound. Salo made it when he was 13. It was not actually a termenvox, but rather a revolutionary analog synthesizer, producing sound while streaming a low-voltage current through human body. The pitch was different for each and every person playing it.
Gnoy rushed back to pick it up, but it was too late - one of the pecular features of the Israeli reality is that every suspecious object is being exploded by the special crew. When Gnoy arrived, they (the terminators) already left. He picked the remaints of the Termenvoxs and brought it to Rosa.
The performance was dedicated to the assassination of the Israeli prime minister Itzhak Rabin back in 1994. A couple of songs were using sample of Bill Clinton saying "Shalom, haver - goodbye, frend" at Rabin's funeral. Now, looking back, we can say this phrase was about the poor Termenvox.
Anyway, the show went good and at the end Gnoy and Salo threw smoke bombs into the audience. That was one fucking stinky explosion!
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11.10.2001 : Performance dedicated to WTC destruction almost cancelled

A day before the show Salo's wife gave birth to their first son. Engel decided not to go, and Weiss play alone some of his ThermosTutti tunes.

16.6.2001 : Second live performance at the opening of the video-art exhibition in Holon
The second GS live took place at the open air, and the PA system was really good this time - thanks to the exhibition's organizers and Vadim Levin personally. During the show a couple of computer acsessories were destroyed and burnt, and a plenty of disgusting black smoke was produced (it stinked!). Vadim Levin himself was V-jaying and all the whole performance was recorded on the video. A couple of well-known israeli papas attended the exhibition, including a rich left politician Roman Bronfman. Unfortunately, nobody knows if some of them have seen the show as it was completely dark, and there was no light except for two small flickers and the fire set up by Gnoy and Salo.

7.5.2001 : The first live performance by Gnoy and Salo

The first GS live took place at "Co-Art" gallery in Jerusalem, at the opening of the exhibition called "Birds' art".
The PA system at the exhibition was so weak that G&S were urged to stream all the sound via their own guitar and bass amps. The set lasted for about 40 minutes. During the performance most of the exhibition's visitors left. Gnoy and Salo were asked to put the volume down for about 7 times, and so they did, but this could not help. A famous bass/violin player Bob Yurochkin tried in vain to join the performance. Shortly after the opening of the "Birds'" exhibition "Co-Art" gallery was closed - forever. Do we bring a bad luck?

5.5.2001 : Problems start even before the show
Organizers of the exhibition refused to announce the band under its current name and asked to change it. They claimed it was "too provocative for the respectful public". Finally, it was decided to present Gnoy and Salo as "G&S".

21.4.2001 : Gnoy & Salo was born
That historical day Gnoy (Weiss) and Salo (Engel) decided to start a new experimental project. The name for the project was taken from one of the stories by Vladimir Sorokin, a contemporary writer from Moscow.
Right after that both of them started (separately) working on the material for the project, and first two compositions were ready the same night.

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