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28.6.2012 : Performance at Fishka, Tel Aviv.
Address: Eilat 7, TA-Jafo. Doors 19:30, also featuring SHOOM and Engel's art exhibition at the same space. The performance will deal with midlife crisis, aging problems and explore near death experience among Russian immigrants.

12.6.2002 : Performance - In a box
Teddy Bear succer stadium, The New Gallery, Jerusalem
starts at 19:30
Performance at the opening of "Paradise-Inversion" exhibition.

5.2.2002: Performance: "Goodbye, Friend" (shalom, haver)
Rosa club, Jerusalem
address: Mahane Yehuda area
starts at 20:00
The performance is going to deal with the most popular Israely myth - the assassination of the prime minister Itzhak Rabin in 1995.

11.10.2001 : Performance dedicated to the annivesary of WTC destruction by arab terrorists.[Weiss performed alone, Engel stayed with his newborn son]

16.6.2001 : Performance: "Crippled Psyche of the Urban Man and the Innocent Sounds of Nature(?)"
The Israeli Center for Digital Art,
address: Yirmiyahu 16, Holon
live show at the exhibiton dedicated to urbanizm
starts at 8:00 pm
Gnoy&Salo start at  ~9:00 pm and play for approx. 45-60 min.

7.5.2001: Live performance at the opening of the exhibition at the "Co-Art" center
address: Aza st. 44, Jerusalem
Opening at 19:00, the performance should start at approx. 21:00
No entrance fee!

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