Reviews on our demo CD
1. the original location -

"…they have done a good job of fusing traditional music with modern accompaniment without losing the essentials of either. Their songs are, for the most part, reworkings of traditional tunes, and they are carefully designed to retain the original melodies' charms. The rock instrumentation gives a bottom end to these melodies that brings out new colors in them: it doesn't hurt either that the players here are excellent…
Shoom is folk music with attitude…"

(Brett McCallon, "Splendid" magazine, USA)

2. the original location -

"If "ethnocore" means getting to the folk melody nucleus, the Jerusalem quartet does that gracefully. Playing ethnic music became a kind of a nowaday's fad, and not reeking of superficiality and artificiality is a challenge. Not for SHOOM, it seems, whose take on Turkish and Armenian dances appears very natural in its heady mix of instruments both electric and authentic such as duduk and saz…"

(Dmitry Epstein, "Non-Stop" magazine, Israel)

3. the original location -

"A 4 piece outfit based in Israel currently, whose members have all come out of Russia. For whatever reason, they've all ended up in Israel & despite their very diverse musical backgrounds, they've produced an album not too distant from being a sort of traditional musical journey of their current home country & surrounding area…
…Certainly something different from many of the releases I see come through…"

( Terry Allen, "hEARd" magazine, Australia)

4. the original location -

SHOOM Demo (CD) (Own Release)

Here is a demo coming from a band from Jerusalem! The four men were born in Russia and later came back to Israel and formed Shoom what's been described as ethnocore. The music that is made on here (6 songs in total) is the result of four men with a very open mind and a love for traditional music (folk songs of the Caucasus and other Middle East-musicforms). The subtitle on the cd speak for itself : authentic folk dances played in a new way…and that's what this jazzy thing is all about. Shoom are the kind of band who transform original traditional folksongs into something completely new (for instance there is an Armenian wedding dance and some Turkish dances included here) and it's a sort of rhythmic music in where every moment is guarantee for something new or for something original even if it can be provoked cos we, West-Europeans, are not that familiar with such music…

(Didier Becu, "Original Sin", Belgium)

5. the original location -

Truly eclectic, Shoom took Armenian, Balkan, Gypsy and medieval Italian ingredients and boil them up to give it some "oomph"…"Shoom" is steeped in traditional music but percussion and bass driven - their output is equally suited for the dancefloor.

(Walkin' TOM, Folkworld, Germany)

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