Shoom chronicles:

Winter 2012-13:
After the gig at Fishka SHOOM desided to give it another try. The band is back to rehearsals, this time as a trio.

Another live gig, this time with drums but without percussion. The band now features Anatoliy Magdalinsky behind the drums. The original Shoom drummer Michael lives in Haifa, percussionist Dima lives in Bat Yam and Roman, the guitarist, is in Canada. What a spread!

After 5-some years SHOOM played live again, this time without drummers - as a duo.

2004: Ilya disbanded Shoom. Michael Drums went to live in Haifa, Dima Hayat went to Russia.

Finally we've finished mixing our single "To the sound of the hare". Unfortunately, the remixes project was never finished and the sinlge was not released.

May 2004:
SHOOM was invited to play at Shantipi festival. The band signed the contract, but at the last moment we've got a phone call. The organizers of the festival decided they will not pay money to the artists. You ask - how much money Shoom lost? The contract contained a whooping sum of 300NIS (about $65).

Winter 2003-2004:
We're working on the single from upcoming LP. Three songs recorded, one featuring a famous ladino-jazz singer Julia Feldman. Rhythm tracks were cut at Studio One, Jerusalem, and all the rest were recorded and produced by Shani Ben-Canar - visit for more info on this great musician and producer.

September - October 2003
Shoom plays two gigs with Kruzenshtern i Paroxod, supporting their recent album release on AurisMedia.

Summer 2003
Dima Hayat goes on vacation - the band, reduced to three members, changes its' general approach to how it should sound. Michael resurrects his old pre-'50 jazzy drumset and Shoom starts playing in small clubs (and liking it).

Spring 2003
Shoom makes a video for Armenian dance #1. The video is directed by Yan and features band members in hairy handmade costumes (except for Sergey, who refused to leave his flat on Saturday) as well as two pro dancers and Jerusalem on the background.

Shoom played at Bombamela festival. The place was crowded with stoned teenagers, the soundman rested under the mixing console. The band was paid 400 NIS (about $90) - and it took a couple of months to receive that money. That sucked.

Nataly Dvir has left the band. It happened about 15 minutes before Shoom had to go onstage at Jah-Pan club. We wish her good luck in all her future projects.

18 Nov.2002
Ilya just came back from Turkey. He had to buy himself a new saz, so now he posesses an electric saz with two humbucking pickups. It sounds like Les Paul and we all wonder where it will lead us.

September-October 2002
A couple of live shows were played, including one with famous Volkov Trio (thanks to Auris Media), and one as a part of "Disk breakthrough" program at Tmuna theatre.

August-November 2002
A couple of female singers came to auditions, and there were some very talanted girls, but noone actually became band's singer.

June 2002
Shoom is working on some new material, as well as on the new show concepts.

15 May 2002
Shoom played a couple of live shows. Nataly, the belly dancer, joined the band - you can see pictures of her dancing here

23 Jan 2002
The first live show! Shoom played the full set of their songs, and Roman added a small solo part in the middle. You can see some photos from the concert here.

19 dec. 2001
Michael is back from the cold and Shoom is rehearsing towards their first live appearance which is going to be somewhere by the middle of January 2002.

December 2001
Michael plays live in Europe with his project Rockin' Pony. Guitar payer Roman joins the band. He plays classic guitar. He's got incredible technique but he'd never played ethnic music.

October 2001
The band is sending CD's all over the world and rehearsing.

September - October 2001
Overdubs, mixes and mastering. During the overdubs tape in one a-dat broke so there was a chance to start everything once again, but luckily Dima succeeded to glue it back together.

30 august 2001
The second recording session. Seven tracks were recorded live in about 6 hours.

august 2001
Michael comes back from London. The band starts rehearsing in order to re-record the demo. They decided to record more tracks and probably make a full-length album.

July 2001
The rest of the band wanted to continue the recording sessions, but as they came to the studio all the master tapes were erased. Someone (probably the studio owner) formatted the a-dats. That was a big surprise.

June 2001
A couple of days before Michael's departure the band went to the studio to record the demo. Michael recorded his parts and left. Four songs were done.

may-June 2001
Michael went into a long period of hard work at the opera. He planned a continuos vacation in London afterwards, so all the plans about starting playing live were destroyed.

spring 2001
After a couple of months of intensive rehearsing the band had about 40 minutes of material and everybody thought it's about time to start playing live.

October 2000
The band is formed. All the members were good friends and knew each other for a couple of years at least, but never played all together.

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