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Shoom is ethnocore band from Jerusalem. The band's material is mainly based on Armenian, Turkish and Jewish folk dances, as well as on the original compositions.


20.6.2013 - Shoom plays at Rodeo, Haifa.

5.5.2013, Shoom plays @ Beit haYotzer, Hangar 22, Tel Aviv port

28.4.2013, Lag ba-Omer, Shoom plays Jam Miron festival in TA.

Feb.2013 - Shoom is back and we're preparing to play here and there. The current lineup (trio) features Ilya on duduk and other woodwinds, Sergey on bass and Anatoliy on drums. Stay tuned for live dates!

28.6.2012 - Shoom played a full set at Fishka, Tel Aviv. The comeback was organized by Victor Levin from Auris Media. Drum duties were handled by Anatoliy Magdalinsky, who learned the material with a lightening speed and became our new drummer.

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