Ural 510L bass guitar and 650 guitar manual

This manual is for both Ural 650 Guitar and Ural 510L bass. Was sold with bass, the date of the bass' production is 24 of june 1988 (handwritten). The last page features some typographicsl details. It was printed in 1988, in Sverdlovsk, 11,000 copies.

Below are some highlights from the manual:

The first page lists places where the guitar/bass could be repaired.

Second page:
Preparing for work:
Check and adjust string height above the 12th fret with the bridge (3-3.5mm)
Check and tighten, if needed, the truss rod.
Connect the guitar with a connection device to an amplifier with output voltage of 25mV, output power not less than 10W and acoustic speaker with working frequency spectrum not less than 50-15000Hz.
Tune the guitar.

Storage and treatment instructions:
Optimal conditions for electric guitar storage: air temperature 10-25 degrees Celsium, humidity 50-60%.

Technical details:
Solo electric guitar "Ural", mosdel 650, article 422R:
Scale length, mm: 650
Size, mm: 1050X325
Weight, kg 4,0

Electric bass guitar "Ural", model 510L, article 403R
Scale length, mm - 805
Size, mm - 1183X325 Weight, kg, not more than 4,1.

In addition, the manual contains several dumb instruction about storage and transportation of the instrument, tuning guide and guarantee repair tickets that are being filled by repair shop.

Igor Rybnikov from Lugansk, Ukraine
Christian Casper from South of Germany, north of Munich.

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