Musima V/2 bass

One of the most widespread Musima bass models, it had several configurations during the years. Produced for at least 10 years in DDR starting from the late 60's and during the 70's. The model name was a white spot for a long time - untill we've got a 1973 catalogue where the bass was listed todether with I/2 guitar, it's sister.

The specifications are as following:
Solidbody bass guitar, available finishes included red burst, red, black and green (rare). 800mm scale (the standard DDR bass scale) vs. the american 860mm makes it a shortscale, and it affects the sound qualities - it lacks a punch although the sound may be called "vintage". The adjustable height bridge is partly wooden and doesn't allow string length adjustments. The hardware is nickel, two typical Musima pickups are mounted directly on the pickguard. The bridge pickup's placement is very close to the bridge which gives mostly nasty mid-bite while the neck pu picks up only boomy lows. The controls are master tone and volume controls - it's impossible to dial different pickups' configurations, and the fact is that the bridge pu alone doesn't sound like bass at all, so there's probably no need for that.

ebay.de seller: vintage*guitar*collection

The red bass comes from ebay. Half of the bridge on this one is gone and someone mounted a very original construction instead. The bridge cover is original (and it's missing on the other bass).

Credits: Studio1525 (ebay)

Guy Kazz

This extremely spectacular bass had too many owners. I cannot say what had happened to it, but it suffers from several diseases. First, the finish is peeling off. It's beautiful crackle which hurts sometimes. I'm afraid it's the original red burst.

The original pickguard is gone - probably broken - and someone made an aluminium replacement. The innovative output jack location on the new pickguars is good in one sence: since the contact is very bad you have to hold the cord while playing. The bridge pickup was glued to the pickguard and at some point it just fell off.

The bridge was fixed with all sorts of paper pieces, plastic glue and other classic guitar materials. The cover is missing.

Surprisingly, the neck is still straight and the neck pocket is tighter than anything I've seen. Which means the German communists did a good work and the bass may be repaired and played again.

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