Hora Stratocaster

The last thing anybody wants to see on our spectacular site is another Strat copy, so we already apologise. By the end of the 80's Romanian Hora factory, as well as Czechoslovakian Jolana and Bulgarian Orfeus started banging out Fender copies. The truth is, Hora is still making Stratocasters, check out their website - HORA official . Their current Strat model is called Iris and our wild guess is that the Strat shown here was called Iris as well. Why Iris? Well, what we know is that Czech Jolana was making a Telecaster copy called Iris during the 70's, and then Hora issued their own Tele by the same name. Like, we do not copy from the evil Americans, we copy from our Czechoslovakians friends. How the Tele shape transformed into a Strat is a mystery. Jolana had a Strat copy called Jolana Strat.

As you can see, Hora Stratocaster was available in a left-hand version too, but one may wonder if there were other colors but red...

Credits: Tudor

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