Spektr 2 fuzzwah

The ebay seller of this pedal was smart enough to post a link to his auction at our forum. Here's the description:

What a beautiful, strange pedal! This fuzz wah dates to the early '80s, I believe. Its jacks were converted from dim to 1/4". This wah is wall-wart ready. Although the fuzz feature works, the wah part does not, so I suggest this pedal to tinkerers and hobbyists. All in all, it seems like it may be a simple fix to those who know what they're doing. (Myself not included -- I just play, man.) The pedal is quite nice cosmetically (with only a few nicks and scratches), and the throw of its sweep is pretty smooth. The sound is unique, exotic and trashy - great for anyone looking for "their" tone.

ebay seller = e-475

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