LEL EP - parametric Equalizer

This is the "first generation" LEL stompbox from 1989. Some of the models from this period are still being made, only with English labeling.

LELs were the first normal stompboxes made in Russia. They had normal guitar jacks and even a 9-volt socket - same format as BOSS pedals. The footswitch pad reveals a battery cavity underneath.
The company still exists! It's website for some unknown reason claims the company was established in 1992. But look at the pictures - we've got a proof it was active in the 80's. The headquaters is located in Moscow, on the Lower Krasnoselskaja street.

In general, it must be said that some of the LELs sound interesting and useful. The die cast metal boxes of LEL fx's are heavy and solid, but the jacks and some other components tend to break which renders many of these pedals useless for gigging, but they're still very cool for a studio.

This pedal was on sale at ebay with a starting price of 39. Here's the seller's description:

  • 4 control sliders include level, frequency 50Hz-500Hz, frequency 500Hz-5kHz, frequency 5kHz-15kHz, and 3 control knobs for each frequency +/- 12dB.
  • Like most Russian analog gear this pedal produce different sound from well-known guitar pedal brands.
  • This pedal is truly PARAMETRIC not graphic equalizer.
  • Body made of metal . Power standard BOSS type AC adaptor or 9V battery operation. (Battery included)

  • The bottom plate has a printed label which reads:

    A device for obtaining sound effects
    LEL EP 0.294.001.TU
    (different production codes)
    #6382 (a serial number)
    Date of production 03.89
    Price 81 R. 50 kop.
    Supply voltage = 9V

    It's a bit hard to say if the pedal was expensive of not because by the end of the 80's the whole Soviet system begun to desintegrate an the prices went up. But since the price is printed it seems to be a fixed price (all Soviet goods had fixed prices) and, judged by the mid-80's standards, it's relatively high, about half the price of average Soviet guitar.

    ebay seller - gints2005
    (thanks for posting at our forum!)

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