Elektronika B12-011

A Soviet guitar multieffect processor, made somewhere in the 80's. The information is taken from ebay page.

The pedal B12-011 is used for guitar(keyb) players and has quality and warm sound effects such "Wah-wah" (Auto-wah), "Amplitude vibrato", "Compressor", "Phaser" and it's combinations. This pedal can work as the line amplifier with attack volume and noise gate with threshold. Effect parameters can be controlled by foot pedal, knobs and regulators. Connections - line input and output (5-din). The power source use internal 12V battery slot (or external power supply).

Electronica B12-011 has four functional blocks:
- Compressor with noise reduction
- Phazer
- Amplifier with modulator
- Generators of vibrato and phase rotor

- Wah-wah: foot pedal - mod depth, effect on/off knob
- Vibrato: depth, frequency, pedal control - rate, effect on/off
- Phazer: speed, accent (depth), mode, pedal - signal level, effect on/off knob
- Compressor: line volume, level (comp.ratio), timbre, noise gate thresold,effect on/off

ebay seller: rusynth

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