Defil ChaCha
Defil semihollow jazz line:
Defil Jazz - no pickups
Defil Calypso - 1 pickup
Defil Cha Cha - 2 pickups
Defil Careoca - 3 pickups
Defil Semihollow bass - 2 pickups

This guitar was spotted on ebay this (2003) spring. The most annoying thing about it was the description and the price (a whooping $300!!!). Here's the original text:

Vintage Defil semi hollow body jazz guitar

This nice and rare vintage hollow body guitar by Defil was based and inspired by Hagstrom line of jazz guitars and the pickups were quite idenitical with those on the Hagstroms from the same period of time. The guitar was made in Poland in the late 1960's and it is in excellent condition. The body paint is excellent with a deep shine and lustre, the sunburst is quite nice and the guitar is very nice and very playable. There is a small fret wear but the frets still have some milage on them. The fretboard and the headstock are made of redwood, the body is made of maple, the neck has adjustable rod built-in and the bindings are nicely visible and quite thick. The guitar's single coil pickups have a well defined, jazzy sound with a strong output and there is a nice twang and a rocky feedback with an amp. The overall length is 41 inches, upper bout - 12", lower bout - 16 1/2". The Defil logo on the guitar is missing and there are samll usage scuffs but there are no cracks or deep scratches nor missing paint and the overall condition is excellent. A real unique and rare quitar!

Defil ChaCha was a part of a semihollow jazz-styled line, see the whole line on the right. It also worth nothing that Chacha is a traditional Georgian alcohol (40%++), so please beware.

Defil hollowbody Defil hollowbody

We hope there's no need to describe how cheesy this ebay description is. A Hagstrom (a cheesy - by default - brand) guitar copy by a communist company from Poland... sounds like a double cheese. We can only hope that half of the price covers shipping from Europe to USA.

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